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Screenshot of building the turret on the new T-80 MBT...

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Post subject: Screenshot of building the turret on the new T-80 MBT... Reply with quote
I took a screenshot of the building process of the new T-80 MBT, that of building the turret in particular. This is level of detail (LOD) model 1. That being the closest viewed and highest detailed LOD of the shape. The shape color editor refers to this as MESH 1 of 3.

From the shot you can see that I am building the sides of the turret. What I had to do was delete the current polygons on the FA default T-80 shape as well as the remainder of the tank chassis. All that I left of the chassis was the two rear extra fuel tanks that the T-80 carries on the rear of its fenders.

I used these for the sides (3 polygons each side) of the new turret, since the default polygons were insufficient to create the correct shape for an accurate turret...

You can see the existing fuel tank(I deleted the ends of the fuel tanks as I did not need them) on the far top right and the last polygon of the other fuel tank being stretched towards the turret as I have already used 2 of its 3 sides for turret sides and I just have to reposition the final polygon fo the final side on the left side of the turret...

I have to do all this polygon movement by altering the hexadecimal code for each polygon point (in this case 3 four sided polygons from the fuel tank, turn them sideways and attack them to the turret as turret sides)...

On a vehicle and a weapon this isnt to complicated, but on aircraft this can become very time consuming as there is no way to automate this action and I just ahve to place the plygons in a hit or miss way until they correctly line up...

Then from there I have to alter their visibility angels, and this is the toughest part, as you dont want the polygons to dissappear while viewing from appropiate angles just as much as you don twant them to appear when they are supposed to be unviewable from the ange you are observing, such as seeing the rear of the turret fro9m the front of the turret...

When I am finished I will post ome additional pictures, including shots with the detailed skins placed on the polygons...
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PostWed Nov 24 3:40:53 2010
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